Productivity: Have Your Best Year AND Avoid Burnout

We talk a lot about productivity. Especially in today’s fast-paced, competitive world where it feels like only the strongest and most hard-headed individuals really “make it”, how do you and I boost our productivity while avoiding getting burnout? The short answer is to stay focused, happy, and healthy. But what does that really look like in the context of a busy, stressed out, business owner who also has a family and hobbies that he or she cares about? Let’s take a look at each of those basic ideas individually.

Stay Focused and Reduce Stress

The type of focus we are talking about here is not necessarily a hyper-focus on one singular interest, task or goal that takes over your entire life. Instead what we should be cultivating is the ability to focus on just the task at hand. This is effective at work of course, but for many of us the place we need this skill the most is at home. How many times have you left the office for the day, but brought all of the...

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