Cash Flow: 6 Tips to Improve It for Your Small Business

business growth cash flow Jul 27, 2018

One of the top reasons that small businesses fail comes down to not having enough cash. You have heard the old saying "It takes money to make money," and if you are a small business owner you know that in many cases that holds true. When you run out of cash, or cash reserves get low your business operations come to a screeching halt. You can't pay your employees, invest in new equipment, or eventually even keep the lights on. And if your business is the primary source of income for your family, these lean times can be especially scary. But don't be overwhelmed, we have some tips that you can implement starting right now to improve your cash flow, turn things around and get on the right foot.

Keep Cash Reserves

We do this in our personal finances: keep an emergency fund. So why aren't we doing this with our businesses? If cash is tight right now, just start small. Save as much as you can into a business savings account each week, or month until you have enough cash to cover your...

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