Why Your Company Needs Core Values

What are core values?  Core values are the rules and boundaries that define your company's culture and personality.  When they are clear, you'll find they attract like-minded people into your firm.  They will also weed out people who don't fit in your firm when you apply the core values.  The goal is to build a thriving culture and you do that by creating core values and living by them.  Once you establish your core values, you must hire, fire, review, reward, and recognize people based on your core values.  These become the non-negotiable's in your organization.

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners haven't taken the time to define the core values for their organizations.  Unfortunately, the lack of clarity hinders the growth of the business.  This is part of the foundation of your firm.  If the foundation of your firm is built on sand and with particle board it will surely not stand and will hurt your cause.

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