How can strategic planning help an organization?

strategic planning Jan 14, 2019

Strategic planning is a fundamental organizational tool used to aide in implementation and direction. It is a process of defining objectives, identifying quantifiable goals, and developing strategies to achieve those objectives - it's about focus and action. Strategic planning is used to communicate within the organization the defined goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and other critical elements developed during the planning phase while providing a sense of ownership for the team. Essentially, a strategic plan is a road map for the organization and instrumental in its growth. 

Knowing what to do is just as important as knowing what not to do. It's is increasingly difficult to accomplish anything without a plan or direction. Aimlessly wondering from Point A to Point B creates frustration and unclear paths. It is like being lost, making wrong turns and traveling in many different directions in hopes to eventually get to Point B without clearly knowing where Point B even is. Having a strategic plan provides guidance, a road map, to get from Point A to Point B. Imagine having the coordinates in hand, providing a sense of direction while helping to outline measurable goals. Having a strategic plan provides focus and direction to move the organization from Point to Point, from plan into action. 

A strategic plan is also about discovering Point A and Point B where one step builds off the other. It provides opportunity to evaluate progress and make adjustments to meet those goals. Getting from point to point efficiently and effectively while providing opportunities to enjoy and learn from the journey along the way. A strategic plan not only provides a road map but also allows the path to be set and checkpoints while traveling through the process. Additionally, it allows the organization opportunities to set the speed. Every organization is different and there is freedom in determining how fast the team will travel towards the goal and when it's best to slow down. 

Questions to ask:

  • Who is on your planning team?
  • Do you need to build a strategic plan?
  • Have you built a strategic plan but are not seeing results?

How can we help you:

I need to build a strategic plan. 

-we will help you build a plan with proven processes that have yielded results for organizations like yours 

I need someone to design a strategic plan. 

-we will lead a custom process based off of your organizations goals to build your strategic plan 

I need to execute my strategic plan. 

-we will help you discover strategies that have the highest impact to take your plan into action and drive results 

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