Hiring: Be Ready With These 5 Steps

business growth Nov 02, 2018

Growing your business is great, but sometimes growing pains come along with that expansion. If you think you may be hiring new employees in the next 6 months to a year, there are a few things you can do now to prepare.  Make your the growth of your team smoother and easier with these five steps.


Create detailed profiles for each position in your company, including any future positions you hope to create BEFORE you need to hire. It’s important to know exactly what you're looking for, well before you go out and actually look for it. This is true in both grocery shopping and hiring. First, detail each existing position in your company, including your own. This will allow you to take a close look at workloads and determine if they are balanced. Next detail the new positions you would like to create, now and over the next several years. List responsibilities, tasks, education requirements or certifications, and any other pertinent skills that a candidate will need. This information doesn’t need to be formatted like a job listing yet, but when it comes time to create the job listing, you will have all the pertinent information ready and waiting for you.

Organization Chart

Set up a current AND future Org Chart. An Org chart (Short for Organizational Chart) shows the “chain of command” in your business. Use it to detail which employees report to which supervisors all the way up the chain of command to you (or your CEO/manager if you don’t engage in the day to day running of the business). Here is an example of an Org Chart for a small business:

Every business is unique and so are their organizational structures, But making a current Org Chart, as well as one that includes future positions before hiring, will help you to streamline your chain of command and make sure that your employees are clear on who they report to, and who their team members are.


Determine ahead of time what compensation plans for each position will look like. Determining compensation plans ahead of time will allow you, or your accountant to calculate how much each new employee will cost you. This will be essential to determining whether, and when you can hire, or if you will need to cut other expenses in order to do so. Going in blind and hiring a new employee without a clear picture of the financial requirements will create financial strain and could mean having to lay the same employee or employees off later on. It is far better to do some extra work now and grow in a sustainable way than to hire based on only half the facts and regret it later.


Have your current employees take assessments like “Strengths Finder”. It is becoming common practice to have new hire’s take strengths assessments or personality typing assessments, but what do you do with that information and how do you determine based on that information if they will be a good fit? The answer is to assess each of your current employees (if you didn’t when they were hired) and yourself so that you can begin to map out what the team dynamics are, and where you may need a new employee to fit in. A close look at personality or strengths assessments can help you begin to create a team puzzle where your new hire is the missing piece. Just remember humans are never perfect and neither are personality assessments so this won’t be the key to automatic workplace nirvana, but it can be used to help eliminate candidates who will automatically clash with the current dynamic.

Phone Screening

Use Phone Screening questions to help streamline the interview process. Your time is valuable, and so is the candidate’s time. It is important to set up a system of receiving and reviewing applications that includes phone screening questions before an interview is scheduled. Ask questions that make sense for the specific position and that are aimed at immediately disqualifying any candidates who definitely will not work. Depending on the size of your company and the skills of your current employees, these phone interviews can even be done by someone else to further save your valuable time. This will give you a much smaller pool to choose from in actual interviews and ensure that otherwise unqualified candidates, who may still have an impressive resume don’t waste your time.

Hiring Should Be a Planned Process

Expansion and growth is exciting. But it can sometimes be scary as you step out into the unknown with new team members and newly created positions. Follow these steps to ensure that your decision-making process is streamlined, well informed, and organized before hiring new employees. Remember it is better to grow sustainably and permanently than to grow quickly and have to take steps backward further down the road.

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