5 – Fourth Quarter Tasks to Finish the Year on a High Note

business growth Oct 05, 2018

As the hustle of the Holiday Season closes in on us, it may seem like it’s time just to sit back and coast through to the end of the year. Instead, we want to help you make these last weeks some of the most productive of the year. Between time off with family and the annual company Christmas party here are some year-end action items you can do to squeeze out that last bit of productivity.

  1. Dust off the business plan you created in January- If you are like many business owners, you created a plan at the beginning of the year, but over time it got shuffled to the side as you dealt with new issues and emerging priorities throughout the year. Take a look back at your original plan to see what you accomplished and if there is still enough time to wrap up a few more items before the new year starts.


  1. Get a jump on your 12-Month plan for next year- The best time to plan for next year is right now! If you have your plan in place in December, then you can hit the ground running on January First.


  1. Start your tax preparations early- Tax preparations and collecting your tax documents is often the most procrastinated year-end activity. Getting a jump on your taxes by running the reports that you can and making sure your books and payroll records are up-to-date will make your first quarter much less stressful.


  1. Conduct annual reviews for your team- Another item that tends to get pushed off until January and beyond is annual reviews for your team members. Get started on these at the end of the current year to show your employees that their development and success is a priority to you and your management team.


  1. Make sure your records are up-to-date- Year-end is the perfect time to do a check of your records. Some things you should look at: Vendor info (names, addresses, emails, etc.), W-9’s for any contractors you paid through the year, mailing addresses for your employees W-2’s, and any other pertinent information that you keep.

Year-end should be all about getting organized for next year. Make the most of this time, work hard and put in some hours building your business so that you can experience growth right away in the First Quarter!

If you want to learn more about how we can help you create your own 12-Month Business Plan and more, we encourage you to contact us.


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